Imagine Your Impact

…If you were part of a story that fixed the economy. Learn How

Let’s do this!

Caroline Smalley

Activate Projects

Get funds to make products needed by friends and peers.

Create Content

Earn Pi™ by creating content about projects where you live.

Transfer Funds

Be part of the story that increases impact for all.

Active Sponsors

Connect your brand with forward thinking opportunity that helps your market to thrive.

Active Coordinators

Enable the people your nonprofit works with to be recognised contributors.

Funds you give go to collaborative projects that are borderless, transparent, and free.


Locally connected nonprofits manage funds and ensure accountability.


Success is measured as projects pass on value from funds that you give.


Momentum is created as people work together from where they live.

Activity promotes equality, authenticity, community wellbeing from within.


Circulation of impact currency builds connection and meaningful analysis of funds.


Interactive content helps people’s needs, values and skills to be seen and grow.


Working together to build economic wellbeing leads to abundance and trust.