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The Citizens Media® (CM) is a Global Investment Co-operative that connects and helps fund people and communities designing products and services for increasing their livelihoods.

As members, how it invests and evolves is up to you. Together we can change the world!

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We Have The Power To Change Our World!

Yet 8 out of every 10 of us live on less than $5,000 a year; 2.7 billion on less and $2 a day, which is more than the world's population just 60 years ago.

Why is this? We're living in a world where working together is hard to do. Our economy depends on systems where the more you have the easier it is to get ahead, which makes reducing the wealth-gap impossible to do. As a result 8 out of every 10 of us live on less than $5,000 a year; 2.7 billion on less and $2 a day, which is more than the world's population just 60 years ago.

The good news is these systems haven't been in place all that long, and since they began, a whole host of alternatives have stepped up. What's more, most of today’s economy came about by designing solutions for the wealthiest 10% of us, leaving the rest of us underserved. This is a huge opportunity.

What can we do? What if we use this market to replace old ways of doing business with new ways of working that mean the more we come together, the more we can do, be and create?

The Humane Economy

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Reasons To Invest

The Citizens Media® (CM) offers an all-inclusive strategy that minimizes risk while increasing both social and financial returns.

Why Invest

How It Works

CM invites people throughout the world to invest in sustainable solutions that give us the means to increase our own livelihoods. Minimum contribution $10.

Our method incorporates:

  1. Communication
    To serve the underserved, we need to connect. Yet only one in three are online, and the platforms we use vary throughout the world. Then there’s language, resource and literacy skills. It's time to bridge the gap.
  2. Collaborative Investments
    By making investments a co-operative effort, united interest in businesses we support will increase discussion on issues that relate to their success. We’ll make progress because co-operation and competition work hand in hand.
  3. Local Engagement
    Most world aid goes to large scale solutions that fail to address the people so don't work. If we are to reduce the wealth gap, we need to invest in sustainable solutions that give people the tools they need to help themselves.
  4. Mobile Exchange
    Only half the world's adults have a bank account, so we need the ability to transact without.

All profits made go to those who invest.

Discover + Design + Develop + Deliver

So what's our approach?
  • Communication and design needs identified through Community Projects are promoted online, from where entrepreneurs, programmers and designers can propose a solution.
  • Proposals are made through Budget Buckets, and promoted on a decision making tool called Loomio, from where co-op members can comment and post questions then vote on solutions approved by the board.
  • Build progress will be reported through media documentary's filmed in the communities projects serve.
  • Solutions will be tested and proved on location. Once done, we'll work with locals to establish community-managed distribution channels, that can be mirrored in other communities, so making the solutions more accessible to all.
  • Solutions will be promoted and made available for purchase through the co-ops Communications 2 Commerce (C2C) Global Hub.
  • To reduce costs, while encouraging open sharing of knowledge and skills, the co-op will support Peer Production Design. Learn More

Where Money Goes

Co-op Member Investments get distributed as follows:

Rewards to Citizen Journalists are distributed through messages of Kudos, which are 140 character messages that appear against content as its viewed from a site.

How Returns Work

Returns to members and journalists will be issued in a mobile currency called Comcoins, that feeds back to local enterprise.

  • For each dollar invested, you'll receive a Community Share.
  • Comcoins from Community Shares are generated through Design Solutions, Kudos and Data Analysis – managed by Co-op Operations.
  • How much you've invested, and the amount you've made, will be updated in your online account.
  • Get others to invest and, paid out in Comcoins, 5% of what they pledge goes to you.
  • Comcoins can be used to purchase more shares or design solutions, buy products and services sold by local business through the Global Hub, or exchanged for like currencies. Learn More
  • Not sure you trust it? For a 15% fee, you'll be able to transfer them into any currency you like. Profits made go to the co-op.
Crowd Investments

The more you invest, the more we can do, and the more you can make.

How It Fits Together

Break-even point comes when there are enough revenues circulating within the co-op to generate returns for its members. Once reached, CM will be a self-organized system, supporting sustainable enterprise throughout the world.

Co-op Operations

CM adheres to the principles of peer to peer business. Learn More
  • Co-op Operations coordinates development of the Global Hub and takes care of business and marketing needs.
  • Revenues for Co-op Operations comes from:
    1. 20% Member Investments;
    2. Profits made through sale of Design Solutions and Data Analysis;
    3. 40% Kudos;
  • Revenues are managed through Budget Buckets proposed by members of the Development Team, and voted on by the board, as voted in by co-op members.
  • Distributed as Comcoins, 100% profits made by Co-op Operations go to it's members, from where it can be re-invested by purchasing more shares, or products and services sold within the Global Hub. Learn More

Budget Process

CM is about creating a self-organized means for collaborating needs skills, technology, business, people and communities in a way that brings equal opportunity to all.
  • CM revenues are distributed through Budget Buckets. This includes Operations, Community Projects, as well as funds allocated for solution design + production.
  • Budget Buckets are proposed by members of the Development Team, and those responding to design RFP's.
  • Contributors write up a proposal making their case for why the work they want to do will benefit everyone, help CM achieve its strategic goals, further its mission, and why they, the proposer, are the right person or group to deliver the solution.
  • Using a simple decision making tool, proposals are discussed with members and board, who vote on which buckets get funded, and which to let go.

Must be fully funded to target amount or project won't go ahead at all

If funded over or under the target, the project will scale up or down to fit the budget

The bucket will be proposed in future rounds until the target is hit, then work will begin

Budget Bucket: a process designed by Enspiral, that will be used to carry out work in CM. Learn More


Content Management System (CMS) for building distributed networks of sites.

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  2. Community Media® (Canada)
  3. CM Logo (US and Canada)
  4. Think New. Think Forward.® (Canada)
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"Thinking Must Change From Survival Of The Fittest To Unity."

– Caroline Smalley, Co-Founder.


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Minimizes Risk

  1. Engages project partnerships that increase potential for exponential growth;
  2. Is developed through multiple projects where needs, conversations and solutions are brought together through a Global Hub;
  3. Uses existing technology, which helps reduce costs.

Transparent Revenue Model

100% of profits go to Co-op Members.Budget and Implementation Plan.

'Gets' Local

CM works through community-based projects that are facilitated by organizations who have experience, resources and connections already out on the ground.

CM promotes and supports local enterprise in a way that re-invests itself time and time again.

"CM provides the platform to scale community development from within the community, leveraging external relationships."Warren TeBrugge

Ensures Equal Say

One vote per member. Everyone gets equal say. Learn More

Facilitates Sustainable Growth

It manages returns through a community currency called Comcoins, which supports local enterprise and – because it's mobile-friendly and doesn't require a traditional bank account to take part – means a lot more people can engage. Learn More

Bridges Divides

Connects the unconnected with each other and the wider connected world. Learn More

Is Set To Go

Has key partnerships and the basic framework for building the bridge already in place.

Thinks 'What's Next?'

Strategies for increasing activity and support include:


  1. How likely is it that ‘design for the 90%’ will generate lucrative returns?
  2. When building businesses that provide scalable, community-based, affordable tools that give people the means to increase their own livelihoods, how much investment is required?
  3. What makes CM such a good model for discovering, designing and implementing tools that can help people increase their own livelihoods?
  4. Can you provide an example design challenge?
  5. CM's 'Kudos' messaging service gives most of it's revenues to those who post content. How and why does this serve the co-ops vision and goals?