The Citizens Media is a networking platform for bringing conversations and funds to community based projects that help people and planet to thrive.

Community. Authenticity. Equal Opportunity.


Economies are the glue through which people connect: locally and globally. How they operate impacts everything we can do, be and create. If we are to build an economy that serves all of us, communication is key.

Yet most networking platforms, and the creation of sustainable economies are on different islands, which can make it difficult to know how to best spend our time.

What if we could 'bridge the gap' by engaging and rewarding conversations that serve scaleable – peer to peer – community based projects, where the platform, content, projects and solutions are developed and owned by the people themselves?

“Our goal is to create opportunities that could help improve the living conditions of everyone in communities everywhere.”


CM invites you to contribute ideas and give Kudos (donations of $10 or more) to community based projects, that spark economic development from within.

Unlike other crowdfunding platforms – instead of giving you a gift – the equivalent value of your donation is distributed to Citizen Journalists, and other content contributors, in a mobile currency called Comcoins™.

Comcoins can be used to purchase outputs of supported projects, and – where needed – internet, text messages, and mobile minutes too. By giving returns in Comcoins™, funds are reinvested in communities time and time again.

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