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The Citizens Media® (CM) is a platform for investing in conversations that help people and planet to thrive.

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By rewarding citizens for being a voice in their community – communicating its challenges and needs – we can create an economy for all. Learn More


It works by bringing innovators, investors, supporters and the voice of the people into a community of transparent communication and exchange. Learn More

How is CM governed and owned?


Note: As we get things going, CM will be relaunched and made open source.

How does CM make money?

  1. Service Agreements: CM provides consultancy and data analysis serves that help investors and philanthropists to identify forward-thinking opportunities to invest. Contact:
  2. Kudos: 4% of investments received through Kudos.

Where does money that CM makes go?

  1. Tech: Mobile web development and platform maintenance.
  2. Business: Accounting, legal and marketing

Our Team

What's CM's Marketing Strategy?

Next Steps

  1. Site update: June - July 2016
  2. Launch: Participation on CM will begin at the World Social Forum, 9-14, 2016.
    (a) The WSF will see the release of a ten minute documentary explaining our vision through the eyes of our first investment partner, the I3 Investment Cooperative. It was developed following the Impact Economy Summit we hosted last October in Whistler, BC.
    Note: The first AGM for the coop takes place on 21st July, 2016. Doors for director nominations will be opened July 1, 2016.
    (b) We will also be hosting a workshop inviting participants to get the ball rolling by asking questions on projects taking place in the coops pilot community: Bergnek - Limpopo, South Africa.
  3. Pilot Project Crowdfund Campaign


What's CM Unique?