Things We Do

The Citizens Media (CM) uses communication to catalyze the transition to an economy, that maximizes use of resources and brings equal opportunity to engage and get ahead. It brings:

  1. Funding
    Gives people the means to make a real difference by contributing to projects that help people and planet to thrive.

  2. Inclusivity
    Gives members of the communities the tools and rewards they need to be passionate voices and catalysts of change within their communities.

  3. Opportunity
    Connects Impact Entrepreneurs and students with communities, to identify, discuss, develop and get funding for practical implementation of their skills and ideas.

  4. Exchange
    Facilitates secure, decentralised Mobile Exchange, which works to reinvest funds within the community time and time again.

  5. Analysis
    Provides Data Analysis that helps Impact Investors to identify alternative approaches and solutions, that can have the greatest impact on people and planet alike.

  6. Meritocracy
    Has an exit strategy that distributes platform ownership and decision making in direct reflection to contribution made.

“Our goal is to create opportunities that could help improve the living conditions of everyone in communities everywhere.”