The Challenge

  1. Solutions for new ways of doing business lack practical implementation, are disruptive, and the returns they give are unfamiliar. This puts off investors, makes them difficult to discuss, and hard to progress.

  2. Most entrepreneurs and investors fail to connect with the people living in underserved communities, so have limited insight for what they need or want.

  3. Decentralised currency solutions have financial models leveraged through central finance and/or depend on energy intensive technology, that favour those who have access to better skills and technology.

“As governments are busy battling down the hatches, how can the people rise up as citizens to each other: borderless and free?”

To bridge the gap requires a system that connects underserved markets, facilitates end-to-end equal opportunity, and gives rise to a currency whose demand and supply chain is created through economies that serve the interconnected world in which we live, work and play.

Why am I not on that boat?

...which is why we started CM