Working with the I3 Investment Coop and Project Leaders, CM will develop qualitative and quantitative Impact Analysis Reports that show how funds have impacted the people and planet wellbeing.

This will be achieved through:

Community Metrics

Value Mapping

Big Data Analysis

As activity increases, so the detail of our reports – and our ability to intelligently deploy investments for maximizing social, environmental and economic returns – will grow.

Community Metrics

Subject to available funds and resources, reports will compile and compare project metrics with Sustainable Development Goals: indicators of community resilience and wellbeing such as local food production, clean water, employment, health, energy, culture, community living and education. They will review data from the time of project implementation, and carry out community surveys for monitoring shifts throughout the five year investment term.

Resource Mapping

Wherever possible, Project Communities are encouraged to research barriers and opportunities that can be leveraged from governmental and non-governmental resources and legislation. This information can be used to advise Impact Entrepreneurs and Project Leaders on matters such as project purchasing.

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Value Mapping

Value Mapping concerns the process of analyzing the current state of a community, and value created through particular investments, as Impact Entrepreneurs, Citizen Journalists and Project Leaders work together designing a future state of social, economic and environmental wellbeing. CM and the I3 Coop will provide Value Mapping using:

  1. Local Prosperity Graphs
  2. Resource Planning Maps

Local Prosperity Graphs

Local Prosperity Graphs will reflect the Pay It Forward from investments. Pay It Forward is an expression describing the value created as the benefits of an investment is used to help projects other than its direct beneficiary.

Pay It Forward value created through investments will be assessed by tracking the circulation of Comcoins within – and between – Community Projects you support. This data will be compared with changes in Community Metrics to build Local Prosperity Graphs.

Pay It Forward value is increased as beneficiaries of Comcoins use them to pay workers, and/or to purchase materials from – or provide loans to – approved projects, which have products and services in the Comcoin™ Exchange. Encouraging exchange through Comcoins helps to:

  1. Keep the value created within a community and;

  2. Ensures that value can be sustained independently of centralised control.

"The idea behind the Prosperity Graph stems from interest and social graphs but they’re not the same thing. The Prosperity Graph is used to identify conversations and investments that have the greatest impact on sustainable reform."Caroline Smalley, Co-founder

Resource Planning Maps

More detailed analysis for providing an open input/output assessment of value creation will be achieved by working with and Sensorica using OVN-RP – Open Value Network Resource Planning – Maps. Visual impressions of value flows maybe created by working with Mikorizal'sLocecon, 'seeks to develop a system where intelligent and dedicated – but non-expert – people can work together to analyze and then improve their own local economies.'     .

Open Value refers to the decentralised (open) nature of inputs that contribute to Community Projects, and the accumulation of outputs created through its network.

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Big Data Analysis

Big data concerns the use next generation data analysis tools to extract, analyze and sort unstructured data, such as conversations taking place through mobile texts, comment threads and forums.

CM will process data for identifying online activity that has the greatest impact on increasing wellbeing, as indicated through Community Metrics received.

Big Data Analysis will have utility and value, because of the premise that understanding and mapping the path of context and behaviors relating to our values and goals, will enable us to identify how we can influence its spread both locally and elsewhere.

CM will use what it learns to develop its platform, so it connects people – their ideas, communities and solutions – in the best way it can, to achieve united goals.

“Understanding doesn’t proceed simply from examining data, it comes from examining data in a particular context. Information is useless until we learn what it means. To understand it’s meaning, we don’t only need to ask the right question, we also need the appropriate instruments with which to measure that data in a meaningful process of sharing and description.” Power vs Force by David R. Hawkins, M.D., PhD.

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