Impact Analysis

Impact Analysis for investments made through CM will come from observing:

  1. The circulation of Comcoins™ in the Comcoin™ Exchange;
  2. Unstructured data from conversations.

Communities will be given an Impact Indicator, which will appear on their Community Microsite home page. It will be calculated as the average number of times that a Comcoin™ – which has been accepted by a Community Project – has circulated through the exchange.

Global Hub

As activity grows, we'll use:

  1. Community Metrics and data collected from the Comcoin Exchange to develop Local Prosperity Graphs, that show which funding opportunities made the greatest impact.
  2. Next generation Big Data Analysis tools to extract, analyze and sort unstructured data, such as conversations taking place through mobile texts, comment threads and forums.

"Data gathering and analytic applications are opening previously unthinkable opportunities to understand, predict and solve the most pressing issues of the developing world" Mariela Machado

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