How It Works

We invite you to give Kudos – donations of $10 or more – to Community Projects, that increase economic development from within.  

To receive support, projects must be a) open in design; b) use and sustain local resources, and; c) scalable or serve another project that is.


Communities and projects are promoted through Community Microsites (example): member based websites – hosting picture galleries, videos, blogs and forums – that are connected through a central hub. Supporters can ask questions and share their ideas.


Rather than giving a cash return on investments, projects offer its equivalent value by selling goods and services in a currency called Comcoins, which are distributed to contributors of conversations – Citizen Journalists – who attracted the funds. The more liked and shared their posts and ideas, the more they get. For every dollar you give, 10 Comcoins™ are added to their accounts. Comcoins can be exchanged through texts on a mobile phone.


Projects that receive Comcoins can Pay It Forward by using them to employ workers, or purchase tools from other projects. The more Comcoins circulate, the more impact made.

Contributors who receive Comcoins from outside project communities can find somewhere to spend them by starting a microsite promoting projects where they live. So the Comcoins demand and supply chain will increase.

Comcoin Exchange.png

Be seen, do good, feel safe and progress!

When you give Kudos, you can share a 140 character message, that appears on project content. For every $10 you give, your message will appear 500 times. Messages convert into blogs, so people can post comments too.

As projects develop, community members will share updates on what's going on and how the funds you gave impacted people's lives: employment, access to basic needs, social wellbeing, skills development and more.

Projects are held accountable by managing funds through an Investment Cooperative. Financials will be posted online.

Feedback and learning that helps to mitigate the risk of future investments comes by analyzing impact: observing conversations and circulation of currency in the Comcoin™ Exchange, which will be built using Cyclos and backed by a blockchain.

Doing this makes it possible for: a) the more than 2 billion unbanked adults to take part, and; b) for the platform to be owned by all who take part.

Why Give?