Development of CM’s platform and tools will be directed by working with Global South communities.

This is because:

  1. Equality
    Divides in our ability to communicate and exchange make realizing and sharing opportunity for underserved markets difficult to do.

  2. Simplicity
    Solutions that work for those with the least must be kept simple, so have the greatest ability to take off.

By building solutions that work for those who have the least, we can reach more people, reduce population growth and increase our ability to reduce wealth divides.

Why Not Facebook?

Although free to use in many countries, where inability to pay for internet would otherwise mean members of a community could not connect, Facebook is dependent on one-way advertising – that is synonymous with central economies – to survive.

Using any other platform would make distributing Comcoins to content contributions difficult; detract from our long term vision, and; could restrict our ability to increase usability and connect useful apps.

Exit Strategy