The Comcoin™ is a decentralised currency that is created through the production of products and services by community based projects that serve people and planet alike.

Why Comcoins

The challenge in the disparity of wealth and value of currencies between nations, makes uniting hard to do. We need a new type of currency: one that is not dependent on centralised control, nurtures unique cultures, and whose value is based on real commodities that serve people and planet alike.

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Key Benefits

Benefits of Comcoin™ Exchange include:

Equal opportunity to exchange goods and services

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Less than half the world’s adults have a bank account. Even less bank at a place that they trust. This reduces ability to contribute to the economy, to transact and to save. Comcoins can be securely exchanged through a mobile, which means more people can engage and earn a return that enables them to be a part of their local economy.

Increase impact from investments

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Comcoins enable the value given to projects through donations to be reinvested into people and planet economies, that share the same values as the initial investment was given to support. This increases the net value created through investments and enables sustainable economies to prosper and grow.

Make it easier to engage with underserved markets

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The Comcoins Exchange motivates community members, who have the skills and resources, to promote their local economy.  It provides a means for them to earn a return and connects them with different people and cultures, which can inspire them with new project ideas. This will reduce the need to leave their communities, and help to overcome literacy and language barriers that make connecting with underserved markets difficult to do.

Increase economic growth from within
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The Comcoins that Community Projects receive in exchange for project outputs, becomes their return on investment. Using Comcoins they receive to employ locals, or to purchase local goods and services from other projects helps the economy to grow. Designs and ideas created can be shared with similar communities throughout the world.



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