Want to contribute to the optical moisture sensor project? Tiberius Brastaviceanu | Oct 22 2015

The optical soil moisture sensor is a low cost and open source moisture sensor based on optical technology. It makes soil moisture measurements more accurate, less sensitive to salt content in soils. Moreover, since all the essential components are made of plastic, they don't rust. Find out more on the SENSORICA website

Optical soil moisture sensor



Has this been tested out in the field? Could it be used in conjunction with irrigation systems?

We only tested it in the lab. Yes, it can be used in conjunction with an irrigation system. It runs on an Arduino board, which can at the same time control your water valves or pumps.

Very cool. Are there similar tools available in the field? If so, what makes this solution better?

This is interesting, i am going to find out if we have the same kind of tools here in South Africa.

I would love to have more pictures and ho it is used, so i can do my investigation.

Hi Keith, we should also look at this for a garden water system in the community. We could connect this with Paul Pollack's Solar water systems to be very efficient on water use both in the plots and in the garden walls. Caroline can give you info about Paul.

Hi Caroline, There are optical soil moisture sensors on the market. But I don't know of optical ones, which have some very important advantages. Moreover, this sensor is low cost and open source : )

@KeabetsweKeithMosumane - here's a link to pictures of sensor /113604040352055118647 /OpticalMoistureSensor

thanks for the prompt, @WarrenTeBrugge ... @TiberiusBrastaviceanu and @KeabetsweKeithMosumane - I'll send an email introducing you to Dr. Paul Polak ( Could get interesting!

Here's some info on SunWater's solar pump system /sunwater-affordable-solar-powered-pumps -for-poor-farmers#/

Apologies @WarrenTeBrugge! Just reading this now. You can tag people by typing @... Tagged person will get an email alert.

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