Open source tech, solar and small scale farming Caroline Smalley | Jan 29 2016

What tools does SENSORICA have in development that would support small scale farming and the technologies around that, such as the sensors, drip systems and the My Arms Wide Open, My world in a Garden vertical gardens?

What resources and skills are needed to build them? We'd be really interested to implement such solutions in Bergnek. This would mean making sure locals have skills needed to build and maintain, as well as access to affordable materials as required.


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Hi Caroline! Apart for sensing and mesh network solutions, we also have a project for an apparatus similar to blood testing for diabetics, using a silicone microfluidic chip, to identify and quantify (%) whatever is in a drop of juice from produce. It would talk to an app on a mobile device and give…

Thanks Daniel - some awesome solutions in the works! That said, I think it's important that we begin by developing our understanding about the challenges and opportunities as presently being experienced by Bergnek Projects and the people in the community. The products you are describing may not be of use at this time. They maybe more important issues to deal with and the solutions you suggest may not be easily for the community to adopt.

The immediate concern is about serving the needs of the vertical wall gardens (see link in question). Warren Te Brugge (founder of My Arms Wide Open) and Keith Mosumane will be able to answer questions that can help you to determine how you can best be of service.

"Unless you have a real understanding of the challenges and needs of the people you are wanting to help, and the people you are helping know WHY you are doing what you’re doing, HOW it can help THEM and why they going to do things differently, they don’t know what to do with what you gave them.” – Warren Te Brugge

If people cannot grow food in the first place, they have nothing to sell. The vertical wall gardens overcome the issue of restricted access to land for the affordable production of food where sales afford the development of other important projects. Let's take the time to understand Bergnek's story then discuss ideas for solutions from there.

So excited for what together we can do!

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