Joining Sensorica Tammy Meyer | Oct 23 2015

What is the best way to join Sensorica and contribute to the community?


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 To respond to this discussion,

Do you mean to join on the CM platform? Or join the project and contribute to it?

To contribute to projects contact the SENSORICA community 

Both! I'd like to invite people to use the CM platform, so we can test it and help develop use cases, and to join the Sensorica community.


Hey Tam! Re: CM, I'm going to work out a proposed user flows and messaging that will better suit our needs for supporting and collaborating on projects. The layout of Microsite (top tabs) needs changing too. I'll also work on re-framing the what, why how. This will take me a week or 2 to do. I'll get started on the 1st Nov :) and invite open discussion on this through online meetups. We'll invite people who are game to help work this out into the Github. Once the 'team' signs off changes made, we'll open it up to all.

We're scheduled for an Impact Economy GoTo meet on the 4th Nov, so thinking this would be a good time to figure out when. The platform functionality is good. i.e. I think we can move things around to make it work as we'd like it to without much tech dev. Yay! Thanks, c