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Android phones, or, how to make NRP usable in Bergnek? Bob Haugen | Feb 08 2016

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@KeabetsweKeithMosumane wrote, "The majority of people in the community are computer illiterate. The local school which is a combined school ( Primary and Secondary) Has one PC that they use."

In other words, the PC-oriented NRP interface, even the new and improved one, does not fit their situation.

"Fortunately almost everyone [in Bergnek] has an Android phone these days, i think people would be able to learn what ever app will be introduced."

I asked, in an email reply, "What kinds of things do they do with their Android phones? What kinds of interaction around community projects might fit into their existing patterns of use?"


Android phones makes it easier for communication, Most people use it for charting on Whatsup , or Viber Its cheaper than calling. Though our problem at the moment is network coverage.

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Re @KeabetsweKeithMosumane comment on need for connectivity, I understand this will be helped by the mesh network being proposed by @patMontani 's iEmpowerment initiative –– whereby Wifi Routers – each with a 400m reach and costing around $150 – reach out to each other. So 10 in…