Word Act Project

Word Act project is all about realising, analysing and appreciating the social and economic problems in Lyantonde, thinking about the solutions and implement these solution to ensure positive change in the district.


To every problem there's a solution.




I want people to know and understand that we have the solutions to every problem we face but the problem we never take time to think and also to learn that when we act the right way, everything can be possible.

Why This Is Important

The Word Act Project is important because;

1) It teaches people mainly the youths to think towards solving the problems they face without the use of violent acts.

2) It enables people to realize their potentials and ability that they can think well and solve their social problem at any time without use of violence like striking.

3) It teaches youths to engage in social entrepreneurship in order to change their lives positively and their society.

4) I am trying to solve problems like, overgrowing of corruption, violence in every example, and poverty.

When This Started

I started it on March, 2011

Who Is Involved

There are 6-8 members so far.

How It Will Grow

I think my project will grow bigger if the members are committed and if I manage to get all the requirements for the smooth running of the Word act Project.

Our Greatest Challenges

I have no requirements so far apart from the place where we want to establish a poultry farm to sustain the project .

Future Needs

1) Funds to start up a poultry farm

2) Transportation in term of financial help which will allow us to move from place to place across the district.

3) Funds to pay at the radio stations to allows some time to talk to the public through their media.

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