Vision For Change

The vision for Change project is about creating a new future of young change makers. We focus on having a poverty free generation though creating our own social projects with great visions.


Creating young change makers capable of solving problems in their societies.


This project is taking palace in Lyantonde District.


I want people to understand the benefits of social entrepreneurship and get inspired.

Why This Is Important

It's creating a poverty free generation through tackling a wide range of problems that causes poverty. By setting up social projects.

The problems I am working to solve?

1) Eradicate extreme poverty by working with local people to set up communal projects. 2) Improve on the ICT skills in remote area. 3) Eliminate corruption though creating selfless leaders. 4) Create more Change makers thus promoting creativity and initiative.

When This Started

I started working on this project in January 2013.

Who Is Involved

I have 10 Members so far.

How It Will Grow

My project will grow if the members start working on their projects effectively.

Long Term Impact

The more Projects that will be set up the more problems that will be solved.

Current Resources

1) I have the Members. 2) Books, Films and Boardgames. 3) Access to internet though Martin's Computer a member of the Butterfly project who lives in Lyandonde.

Future Needs

 Cameras(Video Camera) 1) Computers. 2) Internet access. 3) A centre that will help me have permanent members in Lyantonde District. This will act as a training centre. 4) Uniforms. 5) Books, Novels and Boardgames.

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