The Slum Children Co-operative Club

Children demonstrate their talent and potential they can bring to their home community.


The project deals with chicken rearing and fighting against malaria and the training is going on well and the member in the the club are 10 in number who who stay in slum area.


The project is located in Kireka in Kampala in Uganda.


The project message is showing how to develop children skill to start supporting them selves.

Why This Is Important

The project play the role in society of slum area by fighting against malaria and developing other children skill to stop working in quarry and collecting metal and also fundraising children school requirement.

When This Started

February this year because i was running another.

Who Is Involved

They are10members and we have the secretary and me as the chairman.

How It Will Grow

The member can get involve is if the project have get all enough materials and the member must be from slum area and the project is meant to help the society and the member at large.

Long Term Impact

The impact toward the project is we have chicken house.

Our Greatest Challenges

The chicken house already but lacking chicken and the feeds this is affecting the activity in the project.

How We Will Overcome Our Challenges

We hope to get helps from body to provide chicken for us.

Current Resources

The chicken house.

Future Needs

The need in future is the chicken in large amount and build the build the project widely in the the country as well as be known and design t-shirt and bank account.

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