The Kyebando Youth Football Project.

The football project is all about developing talents and improving on the character traits of the youth in area through diverging them from acts such as gambling and this is termed as activity substitution . It is also interested in the promotion of education of the members through provision of bursaries and the promotion of more young social entrepreneurs.


Empowering Youth Through Sports.


This project is located in Kyebando, Kampala.


I would love the people out their to know and understand that the youth in my project are not only their to improve and expose their talents but as well as personnels who would like to create positive change in society and that sports specifically football in particular can be of great significance to both them and the members of the project through the provision of better education by giving them bursaries and improvement of their character traits in several sessions.

Why This Is Important

The Football Project is important because;

1) It improves and allows the youth to expose their talents. 2) Ithelps deprive the youth from poor habits in society such as gambling. 3) The project is also significant because helps the youth improve on their character traits through various character sessions held. 4)It has helped in the promotion of young change makers who are enthusiastic about creating positive impact on society.

I am trying to solve problems like;Immoral behaviours in society, Wastage of talents and Gambling through the Football Project.

When This Started

I started it on February, 2012

Who Is Involved

There are 53-54 members so far.

How It Will Grow

I believe my projects will develop as time goes on provided the members are committed and train consistently as well as appear for character sessions. And as well as if I am in position to acquire all the requirements needed for the smooth running of the Football and Film Project. Not that without the requirements Football and Film will not be in position to run. Proper future plans for these projects will also help me with their development in the near future.

Current Resources

I have no requirements so far apart from the footballs that were donated by Clive through Ben.

Future Needs

1) Transportation in term of financial help which will allow us to move from place to place. 2) Kits such as;Jerseys, bibs, boots and more footballs.

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