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The Citizens Media® (CM) is a communications crowdfunding platform for building economic opportunity from within.

Think New. Think Forward.®

Secret To Success

We keep it simple. Impacting meaningful change doesn't require rocket science, but rather the means and desire to communicate and serve each others needs. The simpler it is, the faster we can share what we need and what we do. It starts from within.


  1. To facilitate conversations that connect the needs, resources and skills of people in underserved communities, with ideas and tools that can give them the means to create economic empowerment from within.
  2. To connect conversations with services that enable investors – wanting to mitigate risk in a changing economy – to support projects in a way that maximizes both what they learn, and the impact they make.

Call To Action

  1. Innovators who have the knowledge, skills and expertise for new ways of doing things that release individual skills and have the potential to radically impact economic, environmental and social reform.
  2. Impact Investors and Sponsors who have a desire to support and learn through initiatives that explore and employ forward thinking solutions, then share and reinvest outcomes in creating real change from within.
  3. Project Leaders who have adopted, or created the vision, for a specific project in collaboration with the members of the community where the project is located.
  4. Citizen Journalists who are not only interested in what is going on in their community, but are a passionate voice and catalysts of change within the community, willing to stand out and make the community heard.

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Keeping it simple!


The ability to promote and get funded for projects from within their community.

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