The Butterfly Films Project

The film project is set to help tackle the global issues in both rural and urban remote areas of Uganda such as Poverty, Corruption, Gender Equality, Children’s rights and among others, through film scripts that are acted. The project is also further interested in the promotion of social enterprise countrywide so as to produce more young change makers, that are highly concerned about their society.


Tackling Global Issues such as Poverty, Corruption.


This project is located in Kampala, Uganda.


In particular, I would love that the society out their know and understand that this project is based on tackling global issues specifically the millennium developmental goals such as poverty, corruption, gender equality, and the children’s rights through acting written scripts of films. I want the people in rural and urban remote areas to know how we can achieve these together.

Why This Is Important

The film project is important because:

1) It is going to promote talents of youth personnels in acting. 2) It is going to help tackle global issues. 3) It is to be promotion of social enterprise in East Africa, Uganda in particular. 4) It is to act films with a social impact on society which help tackle the areas mentioned above and show the people how we can achieve the millennium developmental goals.

I am trying to solve problems such a poverty, gender equality, children’s rights and corruption in society through the Film Project.

When This Started

I started it on February, 2012

Who Is Involved

There are 53-54 members so far.

How It Will Grow

I believe my projects will develop as time goes on provided the members are committed and train consistently as well as appear for character sessions. And as well as if I am in position to acquire all the requirements needed for the smooth running of my Projects. Not that without the requirements the projects would not be in position to run. Proper future plans for these projects will also help me with their development in the near future.

Current Resources

I have no requirements at the moment.

Future Needs

Cameras(Video Cameras) for filming. Laptops for Editing and storage purposes. Transportation in term of financial help which will allow us to move from place to place.

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