SENSORICA is a commons-based peer production network, focused on open source hardware development and distribution. We are passionate about sensors and automated systems.


Design open source hardware, sensors and automated systems with various applications: scientific instruments, instruments used in biohacking and biotech research, systems used in agriculture, and more...




Get involved in open source hardware design and share the benefits with your collaborators from around the world.

Why This Is Important

The SENSORICA suite of projects are disruptive. We are democratizing sensing and sensemaking. We are building a decentralized platform the the web of things.

When This Started

SENSORICA started in 2010.

Who Is Involved

More than 100 individuals from around the world are in the first line of communication within the SENSORICA network.

How It Will Grow

We are looking for disruptive projects and passionate individuals, with various skills.

Long Term Impact

SENSORICA is reinventing work and the workplace. It is the most ambitions project in commons-based peer production, focused on open source hardware development and distribution. SENSORICA projects address various problems, providing low cost open source scientific instruments, environmental monitoring instruments, instruments for precision agriculture, health care instruments, ...

Our Greatest Challenges

Our greatest challenges are * source projects * outreach for our projects * distribution of our products

How We Will Overcome Our Challenges

Increasing contributory participation: individuals involved in projects are seen as investors (in time, money, materials, social capital, ...) Increasing sponsorship for infrastructure development.

Current Resources

SENSORICA offers a lab space in Montreal where most of the prototyping takes place. We want to create other physical locations around the world, as stand alone labs, or embedded within the existing infrastructure of fablabs, makerspaces and hackerspaces

Future Needs

We need * funding * more participation in projects * outreach and distribution of our product-solutions

Products And Services For Sale

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