the I.C.T (information, communication and technology) project is all about teaching young children to help them know how to use computer. i have developed this project mainly to make young kids know how to use computer because computer helps in many tasks among which include getting access to out side world through the use of net and getting overseas friend also on net.


SENSITIZATION THROUGH I.C.T ( using computer to make the local communities knows how to prevent diseases like malaria)


This project is located in Uganda ( Africa) at the CHRYSALIS CENTER BUT Operating with the kids of Acholi quarters in kireka, kampala.


The project message is "USING THE KNOWLEDGE OF COMPUTER TO TRY TO SOLVE THE PROBLEMS IN THE COMMUNITY" this can be writing articles in the news papers for people to read and it is done by computers and others

Why This Is Important

this project is important in that in that it also help young kids acquire knowledge in computer and help them to know where he world is at the moment by the use of internet am working to solve the problem of diseases like malaria and others by the use of I.C.T

When This Started

I started the project this year in January 2013 after switching from the new letter project ( project i first work on from 2011 t0 1012)

Who Is Involved

i involve me, my members i direct them on what to do and me them do it together in the community

How It Will Grow

I think the community can get involve by draining the stagnant water,sleeping under a treated mosquitoes net and the possible ways of preventing malaria and this what the project project is trying to work on. it is meant to help the young kids in slums and the community of which they live.

Long Term Impact

POTENTIAL LONG TERM EFFECTS. to the children-- they will achieved more in computer and will have the knowledge and they will also have that heart of also being change makers in future like i am in. to the community-- the community will be sensitized on malaria and the possible causes. and if the project grows we will start asking for assistance like nets to be distributed to the community. ( quite a number of impact).

Current Resources

the project already have two computers so far and likely we will be using projector for the lessions and a monitor.

Future Needs

We need camera ( for photos and events) we need more computers( about three to four more) plain paper ( for printing) scanners printers obviously for the printing. and other needs which are not mentioned.

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