Project Circulate

This project is about stopping Child labour in the Acholi Quarter Kids and maintaining fitness in young people. I take kids for the run every morning which helps to prevent them from Picking scrap and working in the stone Quarry.



Children’s rights


 In the slum area of Acholi Quarters, in Kampala.


I want people to understand the methods of creating their own social projects.

Why This Is Important

It creates a future for the Acholi Quarter Kids. The people who live in Acholi Quarters came from Northern Uganda running away from Konny who killed many innocent people. This has resulted into lack of jobs, so both parents and their Children work in the stone quarry for a living. This is so dangerous that many death rated issues have been occurring in the stone Quarry.

The problems I am working to solve?

1) Illiteracy-By providing them with school requirement.

2) Make them feel reliable with life by helping them get proper diets.
Stop Child Labour.

3) Help them Learn computer skills.

4) Eliminate corruption though creating selfless leaders.

5) Create more Change makers thus promoting creativity and initiative.

When This Started

I started working on this project in 2009.

Who Is Involved

I have 25-30 Members so far.

How It Will Grow

I  will set up a chicken Business which will help the Kids earn a small amount of money for their needs.

Long Term Impact

This business will grow and thus inspiring the kids to do the same thing with other people living in the slums.

Current Resources

1) A chicken house.

2) Footballs.

3) Access to internet since the project is located at the Butterfly project Centre.

Future Needs

1) Cameras (Video Camera) for record keeping.

2) Uniforms.

3) Sponsors.

4) Funds

5) Running Shoes. 

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