Posho And Beans Campaign

Making change in school meals through using art pieces made out of posho and beans. Art pieces made of posho and beans will be used to create Calendars.


Create change in school meals.


The project is taking place in Kireka.


I want them to understand the importance of having a balanced diet so that they can control the malnutrition diseases.

When This Started

The project started in December 2009.

Who Is Involved

There are 10 members in the project and John the artist.

How It Will Grow

I think my project will grow through using the calendars to create change and through that the people will know more about my project.

Long Term Impact

People who join my project will have interest in creating change also in other communities.

Our Greatest Challenges

The most problem I am working on is to solve the problem of having children in the right place because some parents think that my project is benefiting from their children and that is not so.

Current Resources

Some posho and some beans are available and some art pieces which were made of posho and beans.

Future Needs

1) Produce calendars. 2) Art materials 3) Create new project for computer training and play station with some create games.

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