Music For Change

My project fight women right and HIV/AIDS child abuse in the community through young people using their talent in music like dance singing and performing drama in their community.


To build talent and confidence among young people


The project is taking place in slum area in Kampala kireka


I want to understand that young people could change the world through the support parent and around the world through their talent they have in them.

Why This Is Important

I think the project is important because it help to build confidence among girls so that they could stand up to fight what that think it right. I am trying to solve a problem of child abuse in the community and reduce the rate of spread of HIV/AIDS AND WOMEN RIGHT in the community.

1) I think the project is important because it can create change in the community on difference problem the face and the member could stand for the problem they look for way to solve. 2) I think the project is important because the can create i awareness bout HIV/AIDs in the community. 3) I think the project is important because it can build among girl. Make new friend from the project

When This Started

I started it on March, 2011

Who Is Involved

There are 14 to 20 members so far.

How It Will Grow

I think the project will grow if the member are committed on what we are doing and they put much interest in what they are doing and support from the parent allow there children to come for work we do and some good place where we could would in like place (ground)

Current Resources

The project I already I have some play (drama play) and some song.

Future Needs

1) Cameras(Video Camera); 2) Uniforms 3) Instruments like Drums, Curtains. 4) transport for us to move in difference area to create change.

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