MDG volunteeres kenya

MDG Volunteers Kenya a non-profit NGO providing voluntary services to marginalized communities in rural areas of Kenya.

Muungano development gateways [ MDG] is a indigenous and membership organization which is non profit started 2005 as a work camp organization registered as a non governmental organization[ NGO[ by the establishment of NGOs co-ordination act. MDG seeks to promote inter-cultural education ,international peace inter-human understanding and solidarity as well as sustainable community development through voluntary service. VOLUNTEER PLACEMENT: MDG Volunteers Kenya provides safe, affordable and meaningful volunteer programs in Kenya. We offer vast variety of volunteer programs, cultural exchange programs, internships, gap year programs in Kenya, where volunteers can choose to work in Nairobi, western kenya, Nyanza land ,. Our choice of programs include working with Orphans, Women Empowerment Programs, Health/HIV programs, Teaching English, Summer Volunteer Programs, Street Children volunteer programs and more. We also offer short term, family and group volunteering programs in kenya.

It is hard to find a more affordable and reliable, quality volunteer program in Kenya starting at only Euros 300. We provide volunteer work in Kenya to international students, gap year travelers and career breakers from around the world to come and help by doing volunteering in Kenya. Our volunteer coordinators in Kenya have more than 5 years of experience successfully hosting more than1000 foreign volunteers in kenya since 2005. We work closely with local NGO's in Kenya and partner with many international volunteer organizations providing volunteers meaningful work at the grassroots level where it is much needed. MDG Volunteers Kenya is currently accepting applications for 2012 volunteer programs in Kenya.

Our programs focuses on six goal areas:

disability – to support disabled people’s rights and promote their inclusion in their societies

education – to improve the quality of and increase accessibility to education for millions of disadvantaged children.

health – to support disadvantaged people’s rights to physical, mental and social well-being

HIV and AIDS – to combat stigma, support prevention and increase treatment and care for those infected and affected

participation and governance – to strengthen people’s participation in communities and decisions affecting their lives

secure livelihoods – to empower disadvantaged people to make a viable living.

For more information contact The Director MDG POBOX 861 BUSIA50400 KENYA +254 729049433


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