Drama for Change Project

Drama project is all about coming up with an issue which is affecting the people within the community and then we write a play on it then we record the videos to help in changing the local communities through the effect of writing plays on any issues that may arose e.g. Corruption, Diseases, Children Rights and Child sacrifices e.t.c It deals with Local kids and as it grows, it will achieve much more.


Drama Solving Social Problems within the Communities.


This project is located in Kireka, Kampala.


I want people to know and understand what is taking place around them, their effects and how they can keep off from such things and I also I want people out there to look at them as agents of change. It teaches them on their rights I want children from Local disadvantaged communities to realise their rights.

Why This Is Important

Drama Project is important because;

(1) It teaches children on their rights and enables children from Local disadvantaged communities to realise their rights.

(2) It enables people to realize their potentials and ability that they can change their communities into a better place through various ways by not despising themselves no matter how young they are. In other words Drama project encourages them like they can take an example from me through my Drama project.

(3) Drama Project is important because it create awareness on various issues to the people like for the issue of Child sacrifice, it helps them to determine such kinds of people who smuggle children for sacrifice and help them keep away from them.

(4) It acts as an outlet of creating change.

I am trying to solve problems like, overgrowing of corruption, disease spread, Child abuse and Child sacrifice through Drama Project.

When This Started

I started it on March, 2011

Who Is Involved

There are 12-17 members so far.

How It Will Grow

I think my project will grow bigger if the members are committed and if I manage to get all the requirements for the smooth running of the Drama Project. Not that without the requirements Drama will not run. Proper future plans for my project will also help me with the growth and development of my project.

Current Resources

I have no requirements so far apart from the masks that we made by our own.

Products And Services For Sale

(1) Cameras(Video Camera) (2) Uniforms (3) Transportation in term of financial help which will allow us to move from place to place. (4) Instruments like Drums, Curtains. (5) Soaps, Refreshment like Sodas, bread which will attract more children to join.

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