Decentral is a place that's neither here nor there; It's a meta-organization of people who stand for the Decentralization of Power and Empowerment of People.


Setting up a series of Autonomous Decentral "Nodes" (Community Spaces) around the world which remain connected by a similar Ethos and Socioeconomic model, all coordinated by Decentralized Consensus Technology. These Nodes will grow P2P culture in the communities around them and in effect help facilitate the Decentralization of Sociopolitical power.




Think of Decentral as an experimental Decentralized "Nation" or "Country", binded together by people who follow a similar Ethos and vote on a similar distributed governance model. All of this is coordinated by Decentralized Consesnsus Technology that has only been available since 2009 (The Birth of Bitcoin)

Why This Is Important

Is it possible to scale Humanity in a fair and Decentralized way based on Voluntary Participation rather than Coercive Centralized Institutions?

When This Started

February 2014

Who Is Involved

20 - 30

How It Will Grow

Education, Outreach, creating Open Source Community models that can be applied to other "Nodes" around the world.

Long Term Impact

Creating a sustainable P2P culture that symbiotically adapts to the 21st Century and relieves our dependence on Centralized Entities.

Our Greatest Challenges

Educating people on the implications of Decentralized Consensus Technology and the Decentralization Megatrend. Raising awareness to disparate Open Initiatives in a local area and inspiring them to come together and collaborate. Gathering enough support to create a Node of our own in Vancouver, Canada.

How We Will Overcome Our Challenges

Outreach, Outreach, Outreach. Documenting our progress in Vancouver and sharing to others who are inspired to make their own Node.

Current Resources

A large community of people in Vancouver who want to make a Node called Decentral Commons

Future Needs

Ethereum, Ceptr, Sensorica Documents, Open Value Network, P2P Theory, NRP system, Technologists, Community Initiators, Focus, Time, and Energy.

Products And Services For Sale

Potentially in the near future.

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