Butterfly Music Nambere

The project is about empowering young people in this area to create change through developing there special talents and abilities.

This is a project I established in late April 2012 and its main objective is to create change through MDD, thats music, dance and drama for the rural kids of Nambere. I decided to choose rural area that I don't leave in on daily bases because it's where my mother stages now and the kids in this area here were very talented but then lucked away of working this out but with my project there was a possibility.

The project has been running even in my absence because I study and live in the city but still the project keeps running because I recruited some adults on this village at the start of the project of which some of them are parents of project members to run the project in my absence as it is a community project.

We have had a number of shows and we also performed during the last election campaigns here in Uganda for some leaders were we earned some money that we used to buy 2 drums that are at the repairers man at the moment because they were damaged.

We are working on a starting up a piggery business that we can run as a project to help sustain us. I am currently working on a proposal that was recommended by Toni who is willing to find us someone who could lend us money to run a business to support social or community project. We hope to do a lot with the profits that we may be able to earn from the piggery business. For example expanding the business itself, buying costumes, opening up a projects back account and others..

That's currently where we are and you just hope to view a report about our last show soon...


Empowering young people of Nambere through developing there talents


This project is located in Luwero Nambere


I want people to understand that am using the special abilities in me and in the children I work with to create change in this community and touch people’s lives

Why This Is Important

The Project is important because; 1) It has kept the young people of this area busy. 2) It has enabled young people realise their potentials through the activities done. 3) It’s administering for change in this part of Uganda by training young people to become change makers

Am now working on the problem of early marriages which is a big problem in the area and not to forget child abuse, drinking, poverty, corruption and other global issues.

When This Started

I started the project in April 2010

Who Is Involved

Apparently 15 – 20 members.

How It Will Grow

My project will grow when the business to sustain us is in place and when my members use the skills acquired on the project positively by teaching others.

Current Resources

I have a rehearsing ground, my mum’s compound, we have a small drum and two adults helping out.

Future Needs

1) Cameras(Video Camera). 2) Uniforms and t-shirt. 3) Transportation that will help us travel and make visits. 4) A full-set of drums. 5) A membership card.

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