Art For Children's Rights

The project members draw, paint, mould the clay, posters, sensitisation, and do the life story to demonstrate the acts of child abuses. The project is aimed at making the children live comfortably in their community

The main objective of this project is to improve on the right of children in Uganda.and in the project i  and my members do paintings that demonstrate child abuses in the communities they live and we make up the notice to pass information sensitizing the community body not to treat their children badly and instead give them comfort in the communities they live. these kind of rights include the following:

right to play right to study right to spent some times with family members right to good clothing right to eat


Communication through art in order to advocate for the children rights


The project is located in kireka Kampala Wakiso district Uganda.


People should understand about the important of giving proper care to their children and also provide them protection against the outside abuse from people like the kidnapers.

Why This Is Important

The project is important because of the information that it gives to the communities around about the rights of the children, different forms of child abuse and encouraging the children to reject any unfair treatment on them example defilement.

When This Started

I started this project in April 2011 when i joint the butterfly project.

Who Is Involved

The project has 8-15 members.

How It Will Grow

the project will grow if the life story part of it is being supported or funded to help the children in term of their school fees and the part of the fund will be used to finance the project activities. If the project get camera for the life story, paints and art materials

Current Resources

Currently I only have the clay because it is easy to get, and some few art material that cannot last for a month

Future Needs

I need art materials, communication device like phone and computer, camera, pens and books to always provide to the members to encourage their co-operation in the project activity

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