Arise music project.

Recruiting the orphaned and disadvantaged children from the most disadvantaged areas especially slums and teaching them how to sing, act and dance. we compose our own songs which are about the problems affecting the communities like poverty, poor sanitation, child abuse, limited talent development, among others. we use these songs to create awareness and also the possible solutions to them. Through this we develop the talents of the children aged 4 to 17 years and thus creating change in the community and also in the lives of the participants themselves.These are children who live a miserable life and have lost hope but i bring hope and happiness through the different activities that we do.


Developing the talents of the young people in order to create change in their communities.


Mengo kisenyi area in Kampala which is one of Uganda’s largest slums.


I want people to know that talented children do exist in slums and if I develop their talents it can be a way forward for change to happen in this disadvantaged area.

Why This Is Important

1) It helps to uplift and develop the talents of the children who have got talents in music but have not got a chance to express them.

2) It helps to send a message to the people on how to solve the problems affecting the area through the songs that we compose.

3) Creates confidence in the children and also self-esteem.

4) Changes the view of the people about the area that in slum areas there is nothing good that can come out of it.

When This Started

On July 6th 2010

Who Is Involved

8 – 15, 4boys and 11girls

How It Will Grow

If all the members attend daily but not just a few.

Our Greatest Challenges

Parents need to get to know the real reason as to why the project is in place and not holding a view that we want to use the children to make money.

Current Resources

CDs with music for dancing.

Future Needs

1) Costumes.
2) Musical instrument
3) Camera
4) Computer
5) Speakers
6) Refreshments during rehearsals.
7) Place for rehearsals.

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