Advice For Change

The project deals with creating self esteem and education about HIV/AIDs .And creating opportunities for disadvantaged children to realize their potential and capabilities.


Create awareness about HIV/AIDs


In Kireka, Acholi qauter one of the remote areas near the butterfly centre and in Jaunuary 2013 I was able to extend my project to my home area known as Namwungo which is also a slum.


To prove our potentials of creating change in our communities in different problems as children and encouraging young people.

Why This Is Important

The importance of the project is to empower people about HIV/AIDs and up bringing of their talents.

When This Started


Who Is Involved

It has ten members in the first group in Kireka and five in Namwungo group which I started in the beginning of 2013.

How It Will Grow

Other people can get involved through helping out with activities on my project(like cooking),in terms of mentoring, and finically.

Long Term Impact

Bring about no discrimination on people with HIV/AIDs, development of talent in children and freedom of speech.

Current Resources


Future Needs

Training space, finance,mentorship

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