Whistler's Most Formidable Competitor Using Social Media To Beat Us !!

By deleted-343 on Nov 30 2009, last modified on Feb 04 2012.

Check out this link to see how Vail, one of Whistler's most formidable competitors is using Social Media to it's advantage by slashing it's ad budget directed towards traditional media !!!!!


NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- Social media is playing a major…


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Social sites seem to be big on the search engines in 2009 too:  The Fastest Rising Google Queries in 2009.

Who controls your media?

1966: NBC, CBS and ABC decided what I did every night at 8 pm.

Today: are you still ceding control to others?

It's easy to allow 'them' to dictate how (and how often) you friend or post or follow or tweet...

Shouldn't you be the one who decides?

- Seth Godin

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