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The Shoestring Project and the H.O.M.E. Initiative are Whistler’s Chamber of Commerce programs design to provide accommodation.

These two task forces, chaired by Tom Horler and Ralph Forsyth, started in the fall 2006 when the Shoestring Lodge closed and the community lost 137 affordable beds.



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Initiatives such as H.O.M.E. are so overwhelmingly critical to the future of Whistler.

We may have accommodations after 2010, but if we don't provide a solution to house our employees in the meantime, we will not be able to provide the levels of service which will become our reputation!

We quite simply HAVE to BRIDGE THE GAP over these next 2 years!

The future is not just 2010... but this will be our stronghold into our future prosperity. The ramifications of what we do NOW are nothing short of HUGE!!

If the business community ignores this, it will be at both THEIR peril, and that of Whistler.

If H.O.M.E. owners (those with potential rental space) continue to keep their doors slammed shut, they will worsen this problem when they have a CLEAR opportunity through this great initiative to alleviate it!

If we fail to alleviate this NOW, we will detract from our great reputation and ultimately, homes will GO DOWN IN VALUE!!

As for the initiative coined as being a 'Trailer Park'... I for one relate to the notion of 'BRIDGE PARK' with MUCH greater ease!!

It is an ongoing if not monumental task to solve the issue of available living space for our towns seasonal employees. By all personal accounts the Shoestring Project has been a successful welcoming initiative of which so many are appreciative.

The shortcommings lie in the lack of 'available' living space and, although we all recognise the tremendous amount of unoccupied residences in the valley, there is minimal participation in this regard.

Perhaps a mass mailout based on the Municipal registry is in order. Or maybe a lodging trade for homeowners, 3-5 nights accom. in one of the many village condos would bring encouragement to participate.

It seems that many home owners will hold onto their properties over an entire Winter season in order to enjoy just one weekend or holiday.

We must become more aggressive as a community to sove this crisis in the short term otherwise we will continue to lose the fundamental support of those who come here to work and play.

Yes.... I think you maybe onto something Sundog!

Homeowners who don't live here and to be honest probably think very infrequently about the actual community making the town tick are unlikely to wake up to reality check... though it's worth sending a strong appeal to them explaining why.

Backed up by some other initiatives might help them take this more seriously... and SPELLING out the potential consequences if not addressed will no doubt also help!!

The municipality SHOULD be taking on some responsibility here - it's our reputation of SERVICE that's at stake after all...

Makes sense to me to see some of the HOTEL TAXES going into subsidizing potential condo agreements releasing agreed 'rooms' to seasonal workers on an ongoing basis.

What about the property taxes of the high end home owners... perhaps a tax can be introduced for home owners who only actually live in Whistler for say 4 months of the year or less. THEY are consuming the space and shooting Whistler Real Estate value up (hence rental $$)... THEY should be supplementing the financial support needed to deal with the problem they help create.

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