Wake up Whistler!


By Caroline Smalley on Jan 27 2009, last modified on Mar 31 2009.

Social Media is Changing our World

it's time to get involved.

Online social media is changing the world! Please hear me out on this.

The ‘natural step’ in the evolution of technology, social media is about maximising on the access and promotion of information and ideas through conversations…


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Looks like a lot of the older crowd are starting to get online now too, from ars technica:

Generation Y enjoys the widespread stereotype as being the official Internet Generation, but it turns out those stinking kids don't own  everything  online. Generation Xers, Baby Boomers, and even "G.I." folks dominate their own niches when it comes to the online world, according to a new report from the Pew Internet and American Life Project.

Essentially 80+% of the under-50 crowd is online and over half of the 50-70 crowd is online. Usage is up overall with big gains in the 70+ ages in the past couple years.

The data for the US (of course) but I suspect that things are pretty much the same in Canada, Europe, Japan, etc.

The fabled Whistler Bubble is great (and part of the reason I call Whistler home) but we can't ignore everything outside the bubble. We can't control it either but we can participate.

While we're on the "web 2.0" thing, does anyone know who is charge of technical issues at the RMOW web site? I've been trying to get them to fix their broken RSS feed for several weeks but I don't think anyone is reading the info@whistler.ca email (and that's the only email address available for contacting them). Please don't make me waste a day on the phone trying to find someone that knows what RSS is, this is 2009 dammit, online communication is neither rocket science nor brain surgery anymore.

If you don't believe me about the broken feed, ask feedvalidator.org, the first error:

line 18, column 77: link must be a full and valid URL: index.php?option=com_content &task=view&id=664&Itemid=103 (10 occurrences)

is the problem and simply prefixing the <link> content with "http://www.whistler.ca/" would fix the problem.


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