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By Caroline Smalley on Mar 24 2008, last modified on Dec 20 2008.


Last Saturday at The Whistler Library, Whistler Reads hosted a GREAT discussion  on Barack Obama's: The Audacity of Hope.

Come to Paula Shackleton's Whistler Reads and NEVER (if you ever did) will you think of all book clubs of being boring again!

With the Democratic…


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Count me in!

What does Obama represent? How is the World changing? Where is globalisation taking us? How would Obama relate the US with the rest of the World? Can a superpower truly embrace sociological change in a way that is integral to the World? When does persuading democracy in preference to dominance of power spead its wings to include the World?

What for Hilary?

What will the Americans vote say about their beliefs? and Where will it take the future?

This should be a GREAT discussion!!

I haven't read the book (been busy with The Character of Physical Law by Feynman lately) but I have a few things to say about Barack Obama and the coming election.

My impression is that Hillary Clinton would be business as usual; there would be more of the same crap that the Bush/Clinton dynasties have been supplying for the past 20 years. The dynasty factor alone shoots down Clinton in my eyes: free people shouldn't have kings nor should they have dynasties. Clinton is a wooden dinosaur, same old same old.

Obama, at least, is a good speaker and not a dinosaur. Downsies are fairly innocent so they know honesty; the second link is from Marc Andreessen (founder of Netscape back in the day).

I have some friends from Chicago and they note that Illinois Democrats have a long history of corruption. Maybe Obama is an exception, a change of generations can change the world overnight and Gen-X is starting to take over.

I don't think the leader matters nearly as much as people think they do. What matters is who the leader chooses to listen to and who they choose to run the sundry departments.

I couldn't agree more with everything you present here Mu. A quote from one of the blogs u link to:

"With most politicians, their curiosity ends once they find out how much money you can raise for them. Not so with Senator Obama - this is a normal guy."

The World is in desperate need of a GENUINE VOICE - a voice that reflects REAL needs, and is not simply a reflection of fear. (It is fear that creates the very notion of power.. but i digress...)

As this age of communication (latest phase being Gen-X) continues to explode at an exponential rate, THE PEOPLE'S VOICE IS BEGINNING TO GET THROUGH!

However, like getting rid of tape worm - this process is making us squirm (btw - I think of this analogy having just drugged my pouch for this... in case u were wondering?!!).

What was always there (though unknowingly to most) - that that has been eating away at our planet - at the potential for prosperity to all, society is FINALLY beginning to spit out!

Is we come into a place of increasing awareness of the corruption that has infested our planet for waaaaaaaaay too long, what comes out can be pretty erksome... but what is left is a chance for peace.

Rock on Obama - I'm with you!!

Is Obama real or just another clever speaker. Saying what the audience wants to hear. I have not heard any hard facts just his mantra "change".

As a manager of change I have learned that change usually comes with conflict. Obama is just as political as the rest of the pack, meaning he will try to please as many as possible. This means change will be minimalized and rare.

Hilary is part of the "old regime" and status quo but she brings a new energy, feminine energy and though processes are not the same as men. Call me sexist but I think there is a difference. Obama is just another guy in a nice suit that says things that people who are unhappy like. He is not really any different than Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter.

Is Hillary different, Hell Yes!

As for corruption if you think you can get to Obama's, Clintons or Bush's political position, without favors and compromise you are being naive.

If you want something really different, put a woman in the white house.

Both seek change - or at least are orienting their campaign appeals around the promise of this notion. Change from what? Change from corruption in the white house? Campaign promises always play around trust. If a people can trust in their leadership, they feel secure.

Suppose both potential leaders are holden to equal integrity at this time... what happens when they are awarded power? People only fear when they have something to loose. Fear represents security - it's based on identity - you cannot identify with something you do not know. But it is acting through fear that stops leaders acting for the people, and causes them to act for themselves - whatever will keep them where they are.

I am not naive to think that this phenomenon is about to change - I would be wary regardless of who should 'succeed' (and am yet to make my own conclusions on whom I would like this to be).

When people are more knowing of what it is to bring oneself from a place of repression to a place where they can breathe, perhaps they will have greater strength of character to be beholden to their voice beyond the gateway of awarded positional power?

Who has shown themselves as making a stand - speaking or acting not from a place of what is 'wanted to hear', but from a passion in standing for what they truly believe?

At least Obama talks to people like adults rather than just offering up the usual distractions.

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