Reputation Influenced Values-Based Exchange


Posted for The Great Currency Debate

by Caroline Smalley on Jun 02 2015, last modified on Jun 02 2015.


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Subjects Covered

Moving Beyond Moneya) Identity: relevance and potential impact of peer to peerb) Community Commons: identifying and managing the questions that matter in assessing environmental and community…

The Great Currency Debate Posted for The Great Currency Debate


Ferananda Ibarra – Such a wonderful quote. The way you shared it feel 'alive'! So many things talked about in today's hangout – new ways of being, doing and exchanging – evolving so fast. Noah Thorp's vision isn't feeling all that far off!

Sincere thanks to you all – Scott, Art and Ferananda – for making this such an enjoyable and forward thinking hangout. Thanks to all who tuned in to watch too... be it live or 'after the fact'. United attention to the work we're all doing is what will turn dreams for what's possible into reality of what is.