Renter and Landlords: What you need to know about fire safety

By gplayfair on Jun 02 2010, last modified on Jun 02 2010.

Many of us in Whistler rent in less than perfect circumstances, accepting compromised housing in trade for a lifestyle that we wouldn't trade.

A few of us in Whistler rent space to others. Many are fair landlords, some push the envelop or go beyond what is safe or even legal in terms of providing Code…


I wonder if Whistler could offer a bit more education for all the temporary residents we get. We get a lot of new people in town every October/November, many of these people are young and inexperienced, many of them haven't spent a lot of time on their own. Sounds a lot like what I saw every September when I was in university; we even get a pile of burnouts disappearing every January.

Are there any orientation programs in this town? We are similar to a university town in many ways so there should be lots of examples to build on. A quick rundown on housing (including fire issues), bears, eating healthy on the cheap, the general layout of the town, and similar things would probably save a lot of grief.

Whistler depends on our own version of migrant workers, helping them and taking care of them are probably good ideas.