Lots 1&9 Info Meeting Set for THURSDAY 24th

By Caroline Smalley on Apr 21 2008, last modified on Jul 05 2008.


The Resort Municipality of Whistler will hold a community information update meeting on Thursday, April 24 regarding the plans for Lots 1 & 9 Whistler Village Celebration Space.

This will be an opportunity for community members to drop in and see what…


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So erh... any chance of some debate??

It's not whether or not I think the trees should stay or go.... it's that I have ideas what what could be done - how the space could be used. I know I'm not alone.

I tried to talk to council MONTHS ago and it was kind of a waste of time. I was told it was "impossible for any of the trees to be saved" (apparently something to do with the layout of the land - the ones that 'must' go, mean they all will go the same way because they cannot survive). I'm not the only one who was told this - and by different members of Council. Now they change their minds? Erh - the surveyor got it wrong??!!

We're told we're getting an ice rink then the Mayor is heard saying "There never was going to be an ice rink"

I've heard lots of great ideas over creating an environment to enable and promote opportunity in Arts & Culture - why aren't Council asking us? Why can't they openly invite ideas, grab the best that are viable then put to a community vote?

The meeting way back when - the tale of the iconic roof... why was there only ONE idea being promoted? Why were none of the open community invited to formally present ideas?

There are amazing people with amazing ideas in Whistler. Perhaps Council should begin taking advantage of this?

Have faith in Whistlerites Council - remember who you are.

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