Looking Beyond The Games


By Caroline Smalley on Mar 03 2010, last modified on Jun 01 2010.

May the flame of being Canadian continue burning bright!

Oh Canada. How you make me smile in knowing you are my home. Sure am glad I hung around in Whistler to watch these last few weeks unfold. Whatever your take on the general ethics of the IOC (or for that matter VANOC) the story told to the World…


I like it and must share your sentiments as far as unbridled unity goes. We need this sort of collective 'excersise' to keep us all in touch with each other and the world we share. I felt not only proud of my heritage(and good fortune..... always!), but especially proud to be living in BC!!  Everyone I had the pleasure of meeting was literally blown away by our geography, kindness and spirit. I realised... once again... how lucky we are to be a part of it.... : )