KISS II: The Humane Economy


By Caroline Smalley on May 25 2014, last modified on Jun 17 2014.

Most of the businesses we’re familiar with today measure success by the profit they make. Banks are no exception. To maximize financial returns from lending someone money, they incorporate systems that use assessments made by credit bureaus; and to help mitigate risk, make it so the less you have, the…


"For social justice we must disrupt more than the payments services industry, we must take back the credit issuing power and give it to producers and trusted entities. This should be the first principle of the solidarity economy. The challenge is partly technical - we need blockchain technology and apps and APIs and identity management and better reputation systems. But the real challenge is the evolution of consciousness necessary to transfer our trust from the sinking state to our swimming peers. From money as as pure liquid wealth, to money as a tool for exchange. From credit consumers to credit issuers. As well as a distributed transaction ledger, we need distributed credit issuance. The crypto-revolution must pave the way for the credit-revolution." – Matthew Slater