How did the Rockslide affect YOU?


By Caroline Smalley on Aug 01 2008, last modified on Dec 20 2008.


The Highway is now open. Leaving this uView up for a while - food for thought. What are the best alternatives for reaching Whistler?

The highway doesn't have to be closed to want to think about taking another route!

Check out this link:

Discover the 'Island' of Sea to Sky Country!


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Perimeter Bus - a close call!

To think - The number of times I have spoken to tourists in the past - enthusistically telling them on the Duffey Lake Road... the stunning beauty of Joffre Lakes... all just up the highway - and it was the first they'd ever heard of it!

Looks like no-one got hurt in this incredible rockslide - and in the longterm, so many benefits to be gained. People are discovering a VERY beautiful part of BC - just up from Whistler... a place that still casts a spell on me whenever I venture up. Awareness and ideas of how we can better alternative ways to get to our little paradise will also deliver so much as we look towards all that can be done as we move into the future.

Live life to the full and enjoy - get up here!!

I've heard that the roads north of Whistler are in rough shape. I don't drive so I can't say one way or the other.

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