H.O.M.E. - The Presentation!


By Caroline Smalley on Feb 21 2008, last modified on Jul 05 2008.

From Shoestrings...

To H.O.M.E.!!


NOT THIS!!!!^&%*$*$






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WOW!! Congratulations to the H.O.M.E. crew for getting the support of council to further this initiative. The success of our 'resort town' relies not only on securing a strong and happy work force... but also to those who are making this a reality!

Let's hope that the land graciously donated by Steve and Nigel is deemed rezoneable(?) for the project.

As a local business owner who does not currently have a need to lease a potential space, I wonder if there is a possibilty to donate time/materials towards projects completion?

I realise that RFP'S generally deliver a completed product, but perhaps there is a potential for community involvement such as trade volunteers or donation of goods and services. This would widen the opportunity for all businesses to participate and deliver the housing that benefits us all!

Think these are all great ideas hypothetically - volunteerism such as this is always a great way of building Community Spirit... especially for something so needed. BUT I can't help but wonder how much time our trades people realistically can volunteer when they are so overworked (through the shortage of employees) in the first place! I feel that - of ALL expenditures the municipality has spent on grandiose projects (all focused on 2010), H.O.M.E. - a project that takes care of Local Community Sustainability for 2010 and BEYOND, would be the MOST VALIDATED expenditure! Is taking care of the community not their priority?!

This entire point was missed from Mondays discussion - yet to me it seems the most significant. This is a potential tax expenditure - but one that is guaranteed to bring our local community a fair return.

I rest my case!

It is evident that supporting an essential project such as this 'is not a priority' to a council that is gun shy due to fiscal mismanagement and is hence over budget.(We need to view the Mayorship as a CEO position!!)

In light of councils arms length approach, the H.O.M.E. team may need to rely on community support outside of the proposed lease investment plan, in order to acheive these goals.

Here's hoping the community support during the presentation, in addition to the positive enforcement of CTV have created a shift.

However, Sundog - we are in agreement. A good CEO is a good team leader... the 'CEO' of Whistler should be just that. As I wrote during last election campaign:

'Through successfully implementing strong leadership and teamwork in consistently working to balance our core values, Whistler WILL be the premier mountain resort community.' ...

'Leading teamwork is perhaps the most challenging commitment for a politician to make. Taking on board different perspectives, interpreting and communicating those perspectives to find the common ground - then building to drive effective solution – all within time constraints, not to mention external pressures.

Yet, believing our Community to be unified in our core values, (our mayor should) lead our Community and Council in finding consensus – consensus that absorbs different ideas, different contexts, and different focus.

Rising to the challenge, our Mayor and Council should be committed to teamwork - committed to deliver powerful results for 2010 and beyond.'

In honouring the responsibilities of their elected position, our Mayor and Council should be committed to empowering a collaborated voice - the voice of all in our community whom wish to partake.

I do not judge the intent of our Mayor and Council - I believe every one of them has a deep passion and love for Whistler... working hard in a wanting to deliver all they can, meaning well in all that they do... BUT I would encourage a greater trust and belief in the people that comprise the Community of Whistler.

To receive knowledge, society MUST be open - closed doors can achieve nothing at all. It is through open minds and collected consensus that genius will be born!

Your commentary is politically correct but I am not sure you have identified the key element of leadership. the key being "what's in it for me". As constituents we blindly believe that our representatives are altruistic but in truth they are agents of thier own desires.

With CEO's, we accept this self aggrandizing behavior, because it pays us dividends. But in politicians we assume this behavior does not exist. When you can see the personal motivation of your leader you can choose righteously if you wish to follow/vote for them or not.

Cut the BS and expose the true desire for chasing the position and then decide to follow/support. Until you connect with honest motivational expression, don't support the candidate. Find your harmony!

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