Hangout 2: Reputation-Based Exchange


Posted for The Great Currency Debate

by Caroline Smalley and collaborators on Jan 07 2015, last modified on Mar 04 2015.

When I asked a panel of experts in a The Great Currency Debate Hangout last July whether a peer to peer, reputation based exchange was possible, they came back with a resounding 'Yes!'

You can check out the Hangout here. See: Managing Value Systems Peer To Peer: 50:13 - 54:51

During our discussion, New…

The Great Currency Debate Posted for The Great Currency Debate


I am really looking forward to the reputation-based event on Thursday.

For me, a reputation-based global currency is clearly a key ingredient in the emerging p2p collaborative commons vision, although I think that a strong gift economy strand is also necessary. With several other friends, we have been trying to find a series of steps towards that, which we think are achievable from where we are now. You can read/download a draft of our short ‘Manifesto for Change’ at . We are circulating it to suitable people, and are working towards a more public launch, but feel we should develop more of a team to promote it first. (Michel Bauwens is one of the people who has commented on it,)

In brief, the first step would be inviting a public declaration of values of people care and Earth care, without additional commitment. This needs to be in such a form that people can see who around them shares their values (beyond their existing friends), and from there they build up to informal then formal mutual support structures. A public directory that includes public reputation, of people and businesses who share the core values is one ingredient in a values-based exchange system, which might start separately. I think it is the key stability-promoting structure we need.

Yours, Gary Alexander, author of eGaia, Growing a peaceful, sustainable Earth through communications. See for free eBook version and more information.