Food Crisis Skyrockets...

By Caroline Smalley on Jun 02 2008, last modified on Dec 20 2008.

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Dear friends,

The world food crisis is  skyrocketing – steadily rising prices are squeezing billions and triggering food riots from Bangladesh to South Africa. Aid agencies say100 million people are facing starvation.


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I suspect the resolution will be more industrial farming, more monoculture, and more GM seeds.

We should know by now that monoculture is bad. I don't have any issues with GM per se but the intellectual property entanglements that tend to come along with it are just another way to enslave the poor with more debt, not allowing a farmer to save seed to plant next season is disgusting and immoral.

Oh yeah, we should kick the IMF and World Bank out of the equation too. Then poor countries might be able to focus on feeding themselves rather than growing crops for export to get hard currency to pay off their debts.

There's also the idea of keyhole gardens that might help people provide their own food.

I'm all for localizing things, I'd also like to see electricity generation localized: solar panels on every building, miniature wind turbines on every strata complex, ...

nice blog!

I like, there's intelligent discussion there. They also bring up issues that don't seem to get much coverage; for example, the flooding in Iowa is wrecking crops, drought in California (the source of a fair bit of American food), and drought in the South Eastern States.

This quiz from National Geographic may be of interest here.

Yeh - the quiz is ok but i must be learning something as didn't do too badly! The BIG thing that seems to come up here is that society still values meat so much - it's seen as a luxury yet the amount we consume is neither good for us nor the environment. humm... is getting wealthy getting healthy?

Funny - it's kinda like any food really - whatever is more expensive is deemed as 'more desirable'. The way society values is a creation in on its own.

a though =:)

Yeah, animal flesh is a pretty inefficient way to feed ourselves. Producing meat requires a lot of water and a lot of feed to produce what people eat, beef is particularly resource intensive. And, to make matters worse, most cows are feed corn and soya (which makes them sick and encourages E. Coli growth in their guts due to acidity changes) rather than the grass that they evolved to eat.

Just for those who don't read the article - here's an extract:

'Volunteers tasted and rated five wines, each individually priced, although in fact there were only three different wines, and two were tasted twice: once labelled at $90 a bottle, and once at $10 a bottle. The results were very clear: cheap wine really does taste better simply because we are told it’s expensive.'

This is no surprise - everything in life follows the same. All that is, is simply a reflection what we decide it to be. Evaluation of cost vs value is perception. Mass perception happens because people want to belong - so they follow one another 'going with the flow'. Hence the most successful/influential people in business and politics are those who see that most people in this world fail to see how they are being so easily 'teased'. From Stock Markets to Wars. If people could see they create for themselves - if they took responsibility for their own decision.. life would be different indeed.

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