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By Caroline Smalley on Jul 31 2008, last modified on Feb 06 2009.

Complete your vacation experience...

With Highway 99 closed for business following the recent rockslide saga, many got to thinking 'how can you make the most of our temporary Sea to Sky island?'

It may take 7.5 hours, but this stunning, 'historic' drive through Lillooet is an experience you'll never forget! 


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Love the idea of Whistler Air.. but I was REALLY disappointed when I called - FINALLY got through (I was meant to be in Seattle last week!) - to be told the locals special of $99 was a no-go because they were 'busy'.

This doesn't encourage me to use them - our community is usually SO incredible when it comes to taking care of one another... this is a complete turnaround on the usual 'locals' experience shared here! There's a reason we're such a special place... we're not just a place - we're a community of inspired people.

Hoping Whistler Air will respond a little differently if faced with the same again.

Well I have to go to Beijing on Wednesday so I have to get to Vancouver and was very surprised when I went to book one of Whistler Air's regular scheduled filghts to the city to find that their "Residents" rate has been suspended.

When I asked why, I was told it was because they are busy.

Well then why I might add is it still on their web site as of this writing Aug 2/08 ???

Speaking of historic drives, the original route to Lillooet still exists and is a fantastic drive along Lillooet and Harrison Lakes. One can travel from Pembeton to Agassiz in roughly 4 hours although a 4WD is required. This is known as the 'Sasquatch' route from Agassiz through D'arcy to Lilloet and was the road most travelled by prospectors during the gold rush of the mid 1800's.

When travelling this route today you will discover a backcountry which is beautiful and remote, with access to Fire Mtn. ( directly E. of Wedge Mtn) port Douglas and Sloquet hot springs. The trip is exhillarating and will deliver you to your destination filled with a sense of historic adventure.

What's the state of the road like? I have a 4x4 but it's not exactly new! Sounds amazing though... perhaps I should take my tent and a few supplies just in case?!

Thanks for the tip =:)

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