Can Whistler Reduce its Plastic Bags?


By Marjo Vierros on Apr 16 2008, last modified on Dec 20 2008.

Should Whistler Ban Plastic Grocery Bags?

If not lead, let's learn from example...

As Whistler is contemplating what to do about reducing or possibly banning single use plastic bags, many communities and countries have already taken action.

For example, in Finland stores have been charging for plastic…


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I lean more towards making people pay for plastic bags but that could just be a knee-jerk reaction to the usual "BAN IT BAN IT!" hysteria. Our culture is never going to grow up if everything we need to be responsible for is banned outright.

I'd even go a bit further. Everything you buy should have an explicit disposal/recycling cost built into the price. Disposal (and clean up) costs are currently carried by the buyer's local community through taxes paid to cover waste disposal and whatever toxic fallout comes from the local garbage dump. Maybe if we can remove this particular externality we can give companies an incentive to produce goods and services that are less harmful in general.

Makes complete sense to me - you have a fine point re the "BAN IT!" hysteria. The other great thing about the ideas you present is that pressure will be placed on exporters of goods to meet these new 'cost priorities' for the consumer.

Whereas certain (I feel I need not mention names here?!) countries have failed to take on fair responsibility for the impact their industrial processes are having on our planet, creating this economic incentive (which continues to strike me as humanities #1 agenda for everyday living - unfortunately) will serve to drive sustainability both socially and environmentally - the direction in which we clearly are needing to move.

Can anyone educate me further on how these kinda initiatives have been implemented to date??

Sure got my vote.

Which unmentioned names do you have in mind? USA and China come to mind.

This art project might give people a bit of perspective on the amount of stuff (most of which ends up as garbage) we use.

LOVE the new 're-use' bags at Nesters... VERY cool - thanks guys!!

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