A Message for 2008


By Caroline Smalley on Jan 01 2008, last modified on Dec 20 2008.

May 2008 be a year of disintegrating fear.

Fear is your greatest enemy prospering only when you lack trust in yourself - in all that you are. Fear will try and control your physical self thus limiting what your spirit yearns to create. You can create much for both yourself and for others. The more you…


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A beautiful message for all!!!

Reminds me that the manifestation of fear(s) is a result of resisting the unknown... an effort to preserve one's self which creates 'limitations'... an eternal contradiction!!... or, as you mentioned 'controlled legislation'.... TOO RIGHT!!!!
The message of discovery of self/soul is one which will affect all that participate in awareness and will deliver a greater 'energy' to us all... I firmly believe that of this NEW YEAR... and of the worlds' collective future!!!

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