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in Kilifi, Kenya

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Creating conversational and edutainment sessions that will encourage sustainability within local communities in Kilifi county through the acceptance of digital currency in exchange for goods and services.

When we learn about existing innovative solutions to recovering our local economy – solutions that work by serving a unified purpose – it encourages community participation and development. Solutions occur through the formation of support networks that trade through inclusive currencies, normally in the form of mobilly exchanged digital tokens.

Why Support Us

I'm looking for change in how my community perceives money in pioneering and advocating for digital currency as an alternative exchange medium. My experience of a single-economy household drives me to empower myself, as well as other women, to use digital innovations as a economic recovery tool towards financial independence by educating them on available tools and resources such as accepting digital tokens in their business. Because the nature of digital exchanges largely depend on individual acceptance, an increase in trade will result based on the trust and unity built among these support networks.


We plan to initiate community activities such as beach cleanings, market days, hangout sessions, etc, as well as regular visits to existing small groups such as 'chamas', youth initiatives, and those within religious and county official spaces in different regions, to maintain the interconnectedness among active traders in Kilifi county, as a means of drawing in more stakeholders and partners. This will ultimately encourage more acceptance and trading in digital tokens within the local industry.

As part of the implementation process, Dough Nation will provide products for sale as an educational tool on currency by accepting digital tokens, as well as other unconventional exchanges such as books and clothes, as payment. The nature of the project calls for more resources given it’s current backing by a new business, thus our request for outside funding or donations in form of ingredients to increase production and trading, which will also mean a growing clientele to help the project attain financial sustainability with local and digital currency exchange in future.

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Values & Goals

I aspire to live in a community that promotes trust and unity by creating a space that's "less touchy" when it comes to money matters with my acceptance of digital tokens, such as Sarafu and Pi, to help those within vulnerable communities, particularly single women/mothers have access to basic needs. The project will maintain its objective of using doughnuts as an educational tool to implement unlearning money matters by accepting other unconventional payment methods such as clothes and books.

Additional Information

The Global Report on Women, Cryptocurrency and Financial Independence is an inspiration to do more for my chosen community Kilifi when it comes to encourage women to take control of their financial reality. Click the link for more of my contribution and that of other women in this crypto-nation.

Kilifi Plantation,
Kilifi County,

I'm currently homeless (by choice) so the best place to reach me physically is a creative space called The Food Movement within Kilifi Plantation or on phone.

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