Community Food Gardens

in Bergnek

Community Food Gardens

in Bergnek

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Bergnek Community Food Gardens address food security challenges faced by the people living in the community. {The community food gardens play an important role in ensuring that residents have a sustainable food supply, they also create opportunities for people to take ownership of improving their own long-term health and well-being}. also provide a means for providing employment and act as a community gathering space, so build social connection too. The gardens include vertical wall gardens for germinating seeds, and cultivated land for growth and harvesting.


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Why Support Us?

We live in a remote community that suffers from drought. There is water for drinking and generally enough for basic cooking and cleaning, but it's difficult for local residents to access enough water to grow healthy food. Getting into town is too costly. For our community to thrive, nutrition is key for both the youth and the grandparents too. Yet most members of the community get just one meal a day. Sometimes nothing. They fill their bellies with water when they can. They need more.

The children are the future, but the only jobs that exist in Bergnek are the ones created through community based projects like this one. Lack of employment means most parents have little choice but to leave their children and find work in the nearby cities of Pretoria and Johannesburg. Affectionately referred to as GoGo's, children are generally raised by their grandparents. GoGo's play a key role in keeping the community alive and running. Their care maintains the bond between the aged and youth, helping children to ground themselves. They look after ALL children – not just their own relatives – and it is critical that they receive enough food.

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Community Food gardens are an opportunity for environmental education. It helps people understand waste management and sustainable farming and diversity as well as community engagement. Access to sufficient food is the right of all South Africans, however today many South Africans are vulnerable to food insecurity, leading to nutritional problems including stunting, low body weight, and micro-nutrient malnutrition. Chronically malnourished children suffer from decreased physical activity and lowered immunity. Improving access to nutritious food is a priority for addressing food insecurity. The Bergnek Food Garden is one intervention model that increases the availability of nutrition fruits, vegetables, and herbs in the community of Bergnek


Our community gardens are comprised of vertical walls and an open plot of land. The vertical wall gardens consist of a metal framework that fits plastic tubs in which we cultivate crops. The crops are then transported to the open land, so they can grow ready for harvest.

We use a simple irrigation system that enables locals to work together in producing an affordable supply of nutritious food. Soil is kept fertile by varying the crops and spreading manure gathered from free roaming cattle in local foods.

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