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Put Your Money Where Your Tweet Is!

By The Citizens Media

Kudos are donations of $10 or more given to community based projects, that spark economic development from within. 

Rather than giving a cash return on investments, projects offer its equivalent value by selling goods and services in a mobile friendly currency called Comcoins™ which are distributed to contributors of conversations – Citizen Journalists – who attracted the funds. For every dollar you give, 10 Comcoins are added to their accounts. 

When you Give Kudos to a project, you'll be invited to send a 140 character message of support. Messages can be discussed like a blog, include a link to your profile and – if desired – a website too. For every $10 you give, your message will appear on project content 500 times.


Funds are managed through an Investment Cooperative that ensures nothing is lost through unnecessary administration or mismanagement of funds. 

Why give to journalists? How messages work